Thank You Beta Testers!!!

Please Review The Resources Below

General Overview (Please Watch)

Known Issues That Need Fixed (Working On Them Now)

  • Ability to control volume of music when added
  • Ability to hear music selections on preview (oops!)
  • 8 Spokespersons in total are coming
  • When choosing a line, you will not see the same option 3 times, but rather once, and then select if you want just spokesperson, text & spokesperson, or just text
  • Todd is not centered on some of the "Centered" clips (oops!  Fixing now)
  • After you download the finished video, the first frame is black (oops! Fixing now)

We Desperately Need Your Suggestions For Additional Sentences That Our Spokespersons Can Say!

Thank you everyone!  We look forward to your feedback!

- EZ Magic Video Team

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